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Hello, and welcome to Let The Rock Roll. My name is Gary Pickett. I live in Bakersfield CA. Let The Rock Roll is a story in time and stone. I began flintknapping in the late 80s. Trial and error was my only mentor, yet the fascination lured me on. Results were slow, but the creeks of southern Missouri provided all the material I needed. Raw rocks began to be transformed to arrowheads, the rock started to roll. Moving to California 10 years later opened many new doors to me. Most notably the interaction with other knappers. Today 20+ years of experience culminates and drives me to teach. To save others the frustrations of the early years and promote the art I love.

Flintknapping Tools:
In the early days my tool kit consisted of flint rock against flint rock. A 9/16 craftsman wrench and a springy pocket knife seemed ideal tools at one time. Antler was the answer I needed, and my work improved greatly. Small forked antler tines are my pressure flakers. Moose, elk, white tail, hammerstones, and recently copper make up my billets.

Monthly Knappin:
I host a monthly Knappin held the first Sunday of every month at Hart Park, in Bakersfield Ca. Here instruction is given and hands on participation is encouraged. Feel free to join us, we would love the company. For more information click on the link to the left 'Bakersfield Knappin'.

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